The aims and objectives of the organisation for which the society is established are:

a) To create village infrastructures by opening and constructing school building, community hall, multi-purpose training hall, indoor-stadium, mini- stadium, marketing sheds, waiting sheds, guest houses, tourist homes, cultural hail, solar energy centers, gobar gas plant, multi- purpose playgrounds, vocational training centers, low-cost sanitary latrines, etc. at all rural villages.

b) To take up agriculture, sericulture, horticulture and fishery development projects at all suitable tribal areas

c) To take up Universalization of Elementary Education (Sarva Shiksha Abhyan) projects, residential and non residential school, non- formal and adult education centers, second language learning centers, Computer training centre, girls and boys hostel at some selected places with a view to provide free education for all.

d) To establish vocational training centers for imparting entrepreneurial development training in various fields to educated unemployed youths of Tribal/Minority community so as to provide them with self employment opportunities.

e) To take up Scientific method on various programs on Education, Economic, & Social upgradation of skills for development of the welfare of the society.

f) To take up environmental orientation projects for checking ecological imbalance, to protect wildlife and to preserve energy and natural resources.

g) To take up health and sanitation programmes and to establish community health centers, research and training centers for herbal medicines, homeopathic drugs, ayurvedic drugs, nurses training centers etc. at some selected places of rural areas. To run drug de-addiction and rehabilitation centers at some selected places with a view to check juvenile delinquency and also to help them regaining a pire and normal life.

h) To construct Inter-Village Roads, bridges, culverts with a view to provide transport facilities to the poor Tribals for carrying their agro- horticultural produces and forest products to the main market for sale which facility is not available in the past.

i) To take up livestock development projects such as dairy, poultry, piggery, duckery, goatery etc. farming as an alternative means of livelihood other than jhuming.

j) To run small scale industry such as weaving, tailoring, black smithy, handloom, and loin-loom weaving and crafts production centers, embroidery etc. at all suitable places for the income of the poor tribals.

k) To set up fruit processing centers and cold-storage with a view to preserve fruits for obtaining maximum benefits from agro-horticultural products produces in rural areas.

l) To take up watershed development, waste land development social forestry projects etc. so that the barren lands be made productive again for the development of the rural poor people.

m) To run orphanages, aged homes, working women hostel, widows welfare centre, social care centers, child-care centers etc. so that these needy persons be provided free fooding, clothing, education, medicines, shelter thereby making their lives comfortable and prosperous.

n) To apply scientific methods on jhuming and terrace cultivations with a view to enhance the productivity of rural/hill lands for the socio-economic development of tribals and other backward classes.

o) To take up drinking water supply programmes so that the rural poor people be provided safe drinking water wherever necessary.

p) To establish Rehabilitation and De-addiction Centre for dependant substances like drugs and alcohol at all possible areas of the North-Eastern Region.

q) To appoint and supervise paid staffs and employees of the Organisation to run various projects.

r). To set up branch Offices of the Organisation in all suitable places.