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We always facilitate your valuable support in projects such as:(Your Help; Our strength)

1. Funds for sensitization and creating of awareness programmes amongst underprivileged community
2. Funds for imparting training for self employment generation
3. Funds for Establishment of 200 bedded hospital at Lingsiphai village
4. Funds for establishment of Security Firms for job placement in Private Sectors
5. Funds for Greenery projects of the Organisation
6. Funds for Action plan for Climate change in Manipur
7. Funds for Disability programme
8. Funds for Rural programme on Self reliance and hand holding programmes
9. Mentoring SANGA’s ongoing projects safety drinking water
10. Your personal participation in sensitisation exercises and training programs
11. Your ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our Organisation on rendering better service to the Society.

List of sponsors and reputed institutions and individuals donors who have extended their support to our cause can be seen here