3rd YEAR INTERVENTION REPORT UNDER STED PROJECT (January, 2016 to January, 2017)

  • The 3rd year Intervention program organised by the Organisation under the sponsorship of Dept of S & T has acquired more attention from the side of the public as compared to the 2nd year. This reflects the positive escalation of the awareness campaign and training programmes conducted by the Organisation.
  • During the 2nd Intervention program, the organisation was able to support only 32 micro enterprises but this year we are looking forward to establishing and supporting atleast 50 new units of micro enterprises for income generation of the skilled.
  • The 3rd Intervention programme “ Establishment of Micro Enterprises in Cane & Bamboo” was initiated at Lingsiphai village on 20th January, 2016. Chief Functionary and Secretary of SANGA was the resource person in the programme. We have interviewed stakeholders and shared their problems in setting up of a new enterprises to areas which had not been covered during the 2nd Intervention.
  • On 15th March, 2016: Mobilisation and Establishment Programme was conducted at S.Kotlian village, where several skill artisans in cane & bamboo crafts gathered and these skilled artisans were motivated to set up enterprises with the present tools and equipments they have and the Organisation, with the help of DST will modernised their tools and equipments so that they can work with the locally available materials and commercialised their products to enhanced their daily income.
  • These artisans are trained in primary training skills like the right season for cutting, splitting and extraction of bamboo to achieve the desire result in the products and to reduce later attacked by fungi and insects that deteriorate the finishing results of the products. Hand holding programmes will be held later after two months to artisans who have set up new micro enterprises with our initiatives and further awareness in market linkages will be provided.
  • Cane and bamboo craft in Manipur is an integral part of their daily life. It is a traditional craft and has been practiced since time immemorial. Initially these natural fibres were used to make products of daily use. Every tribe and community makes materials of aesthetic yet functional use, their skills evolved over centuries of usage On 7th May, 2016: Skill Development Training in Cane & Bamboo Processing and Production under STED Project was again held here at Lingsiphai Village at the registered Office of SANGA. Skilled artisan like Mr Khupngaithang, Mr Pauminlian, Zuansamlian and other artisans have attended the programme. Since material like cane & bamboo are available in good quantities, the lack of designs and technical backup of these artisans are the drawback in marketing their products. Therefore they are trained in adopting new technique and design in the process of manufacturing and designing artworks, furniture and basketry. Also they were given awareness in different methods of finishing their products like smoking, varnishing, painting etc. base on the type of end-use and the specific products.
  • The Trainer had emphasised that the Hill people are more into furniture, houses and its implements etc. but they need to focus on other various commercial items which are more in demand and needs to know the requirements of the consumers so as to expand the market circle of their products.
  • 25th October, 2016: Market & Credit linkage awareness program and Final Intervention program under STED project was held at Kangvai for this fiscal year, where several villagers have attended the program and encourage them to adopt the modern techniques in Cane & Bamboo crafts for more profitable outcome in the production.
  • By November, 2016, we are able to support and set up new 32 micro enterprises in and around Churachandpur District.
  • As of now, we are able to established 74 micro enterprises (12 units in the 1st Year, 30 units in the 2nd Year and 32 units in the 3rd year). This year, our target was to achieve at least setting up of 50 units but due to unforeseen problems, we managed to set up only 32 new units.
  • During these three years of STED project, we are able to set up 74 micro enterprises and we look forward to establish more units in the coming year.

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